Contents April 2013

Flock of birds

90The Platinum Age of TV

In the social media era, when reputation and buzz are everything, networks, advertisers, and new players like Netflix are taking bigger gambles on smaller shows and rising stars. Inside the new data-driven, hyper-social, actor friendly rules of great television.


Shane Carruth doesn't just make movies. He encrypts them with data that can take years for fans to unravel. Now the Primer director is back with an new film. Buckle your brainpan. By Brian Raftery

118 Faster Than Overnight

Tomorrow is way too late. How Amazon, Walmart, and eBay get you stuff the same day you order it. By Marcus Wohlsen

124See No Evil

Alfred Anaya was a genius at installing traps-secret compartments in cars that can hide everything from weed to jewelry to guns. And if they were used to smuggle drugs without his knowledge, he figured, that wasn't his problem. he was wrong. By Brendan I. Koerner

104As One

How the astonishing power of swarms can help us fight cancer, understand the brain, and predict the future. By Ed Yong